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Let’s work together to bring great products to life for consumers around the world.

Industrial Suppliers serves customers in the field of industrial automation and control by developing state of the art control components and systems complying with open industrial standards such as Foundation Fieldbus. The openness, ease of use, high quality and innovative characteristics of APAT products such as DXS Process Control System and HPI Supervisory Control System create added value for the customers and help them to achieve their objectives throughout the life cycle of automation projects.

Latest News

March 21, 2012

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Satr-Up and Commissioning

Industrial control trainer

Small-scale batch control manufacture

Small-scale weighing system

Temperature control, pressure control, tank level control and flow process control systems

Small convoyeur systems


Design and facrication of industrial control trainer

Design of small-scale batch control manufacture

Design of smal-scale weighing system

design of temperature control, pressure control, tank level control and flow process control systems

small convoyeur systems


Process system control calibration including: pressure transmitters, level transmitters, flow transmitters, temperature transmitters, PH transmitters and etc.

maintenance and calibration of pneumatic and electric control valve actuators

Process Loop Tunning

Pressure, level , flow , temperature , PH and other loop tunning service

Industrial AC/DC and servo electromotor speed control